Sous Vide - Pasteurized eggs
Bubba Durand

Sure, you can buy pasteurized eggs at the grocery store. But if you only need one egg for a salad dressing or homemade mayo and you already have a sous vide setup, it's easy to make them at home.

Fill your cooking vessel with the hottest tap water you have and attach the immersion circulator.
Set the immersion circulator to 135 degrees F and turn it on.
Put the raw eggs into a freezer ziplock.
When the temp hits 135, use a ladle to scoop some of the hot water into the ziplock. Seal all but one corner of the bag.
Lower the bag into the water to force all the air out, then seal the bag.

Place the bag gently into the vessel (don't drop it!).

Cook for 2 hours.
Shock in ice water and chill.

The Johnson Family Cookbook