Roly-poly shrimp head butter
Bubba Durand

Shrimp heads, shrimp heads
Roly-poly shrimp heads
Shrimp heads, shrimp heads
Eat them up, yum

This is really delicious... it tastes like shrimp bisque!

1/2 stick (4 T) soft, salted butter
Roe (eggs) from 1 cooked, female shrimp
Squeezins* from 2 cooked shrimp heads

Mix the roe and shrimp-head-goop* with the softened butter.
Spread on bread or toast.
Or use it to make Roly-poly Shrimp Head Bisque or Roly-poly Shrimp Head Risotto.
Would also probably make a great topping for hot, grilled fish.

*This is actually the hepatopancreas, the digestive organ that in lobsters and crabs would be called tomalley.

The Johnson Family Cookbook