How To Trim Baby Artichokes
Bubba Durand

Baby artichokes are actually fully mature when picked. In fact, baby artichokes and bigger artichokes come from the same plant. The small ones simply grow lower on the plant, where they're protected from the sun's rays.

Most baby artichokes have no tough fuzz or fibrous leaves in the center. After trimming off the tough outer green leaves you end up with a completely edible artichoke.

  1. Bend back the outer green leaves and snap them off at the base. Continue doing this until you reach a point where the leaves are half green (at the top) and half yellow.
  2. Cut off the top cone of leaves at the point where the yellow color meets the green. The Green will be fibrous. (Use a stainless steel knife to prevent discoloration)
  3. Cut the stem level with the base if not using, or leave the stem on and peel it.
  4. Pare off any remaining green from the base of the artichoke.
  5. Cut in halves or quarters, length-wise.
  6. If there are any pink or purple leaves in the center, remove them (they will be tough.)
  7. Add the trimmed artichoke to a bowl of acidulated* water immediately to prevent discoloration.
    (* a bowl of water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice added)

The Johnson Family Cookbook