How to get morel mushrooms
Sue Parenio

This was in the Wine Spectator in 1998:

CASCADE MUSHROOM CO. Portland ORE (503) 233-5881
One case (about 6 lbs) minimum order for fresh morels.

Goldens Bridge NY (914) 682-7288. $25 minimum order for fresh morels. Call for prices on sundried morels.

MARCHE AUX DELICES, Jersey City NJ. (888) 547-5471. No minimum order for fresh morels. Dried are $7.75 for 1 oz.

TARTUFERIA INC. Weehawken, NJ (201) 902-0881. Three lb minimum order for fresh morels. Dried are $110 lb minimum order.

TERRY FARMS, Auburn Ala (334) 826-3200. One and one half lb minimum order for fresh morels. Dried are $17.50 for one and one half oz.

URBANI USA, Long Island City, NY (718) 392-5050. No minimum order for fresh. Dried are 5.50 per oz.

Earthy Delights
Morels are $19.00/lb. + FedEx Overnight shipping
The Finest in Specialty Produce for the Adventurous Home Gourmet
Wild Mushrooms, Fiddleheads, Morels, Chanterelles, Dried Fruits, Rare Beans, Spelt Pasta, Flavored Vinegar, Genoa Pesto, Chestnuts, Shiitake, Baby Blue Oyster Mushroom, Fresh Porcini Mushroom, Specialty Grains, Truffle Oil, Gourmet Honey & Fruit Spreads, gift Baskets
   -- Bubba Durand 1999

Update 2009
Wow. I wrote that 10 years ago. Where does the time go? You can still get fresh morels (in season) from Earthy Delights, but they're $33.00 a pound. Or $49.00 a pound for blond morels. $19.00 sounds like a bargain now, doesn't it?
   -- Bubba Durand 2009

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