Crispy Chicken Thighs - in pictures
Bubba Durand

Ingredients: Chicken thighs with bones and skin, salt.

Place a chicken thigh skin-side down on a cutting board.
Use a sharp knife to cut along the bone, then down both sides of the bone.

Remove the bone and any pieces of cartilage.

Flip it over and trim any extra skin.
Lightly salt both the skin side and the flesh side.

Cook skin-side down over medium-low to medium heat.
You don't need any oil, the chicken skin will make its own.
Adjust the heat so that the chicken is sizzling, but not browning too fast.

When the chicken is almost all the way cooked through (this will take about 15 minutes or so) and is only pink on the top, flip it.

Cook a couple of minutes more to finish cooking through.

Check out that CRISPY CHICKEN!

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