How to clean fresh morel mushrooms
Bubba Durand

Don't wash them until just before you're ready to cook them

1) Look at the bottom of the stem of each and every morel. If dirty or tough-looking, CUT IT OFF.

2) Cut each morel in half lengthwise to expose the hollow center. Prepare a large bowl of salted water by adding 2 Tbsp to a gallon of cold water.

3) Soak in salted, cold water for about 40 minutes or up to 1 hour. Unlike many other mushrooms, morels do not readily soak up water. Wild morels come straight from the forest and their honeycomb structure can harbor grit and forest debris – not to mention the occasional creepy-crawly. The salted water is just the thing to convince any hitch hikers to move on.

4) Drain-Rinse-repeat (with unsalted water) until no grit remains.

5) If you skip step 1, step 4 will go on forever and you will still eat grit.

6) Spin morels dry in salad spinner.

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