Bacon and Cheese dip
Bubba Durand

Leave out the sour cream if you want to form this into a cheese ball (or a creepy "flayed man" cheese-ball-thing).

8 ounces cream cheese, room temp
3/4 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled
5 green onions, chopped (including the green tops)
6 slices boiled ham, chopped
1 "tub" crumbled blue cheese
3/4 package of finely shredded sharp cheddar
a glob of sour cream (1/4 cup?)
Chopped chives for garnish

Combine bacon, ham, and green onions in food processors.
Pulse to chop.
Add remaining ingredients.
Pulse to chop and blend. Don't get it too smooth.
Garnish with chopped chives.
Or form it into a ball, chill, and roll in chopped chives.

Serve with crackers.

The Johnson Family Cookbook