Atomic Buffalo Turds
Bubba Durand

6 jalapeno peppers
12 slices bacon
12 little smokies
2 ounces cream cheese
1 ounce grated gruyere cheese
1 ounce grated sharp cheddar cheese
Dry Rub of your choice:
   Yummy Sticky Finger-Licky rub
   Bubba's Dry Rub for Ribs
   Revised Rib Rub
   Pulled pork rub
   Cliff's Dry Rub

Pull the stems and caps off the jalapenos.
Slice the jalapenos in half, lengthwise.
Using a spoon or a melon baller, remove the seeds and membranes.
Mix the cream cheese, grated cheeses, and 1 t dry rub.
Fill the hollowed out portion of the peppers with the cheese mixture.
Place a little smokie on top of the cheese.

Wrap the bacon around the jalapeno.
Sprinkle dry rub on all sides of the ABTs.
Place the ABTs into a foil pan (on a rack, or not... see notes below)

Smoke the ABTs in a smoker with the wood of your choice (I used Maple), set at 250F, for 2 hours, or until the bacon is browned.

No one was crazy about the texture of the bacon on these.
Even though the bacon was browned, it was chewy and not crispy; similar to the way chicken skin turns out when done in the smoker.
In the future I would probably only smoke them for an hour, then finish in the oven.
Or maybe even skip the smoking altogether, and just bake them in the oven until crispy.
Also, I would skip the rack which was a pain in the ass to clean.

The Johnson Family Cookbook